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Smart Building Automation, Commercial Lighting Control Systems & Tenant Billing Systems

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Integrated Security Management System

Security Systems Co. has been a pioneer in providing a complete integrated approach to securing buildings. We offer security systems that deploy over the building’s IP network. These systems include IP CCTV, intrusion alarm, access control, perimeter security, baggage scanning, etc.

Building Automation and Remote Monitoring Systems

Security Systems Co.’s Smart Building Technology building automation and remote monitoring systems monitor and control electro-mechanical systems in buildings with the aim of energy saving by energy saving devices. Our thorough understanding of the complexities involving multi-vendor and multi-protocol building systems (ex. lighting control, security, fire alarm) enable us to carry out complete integration between such systems in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Our systems are e-enabled allowing over the Internet monitoring of the systems and connection to our 24x7x365 Command Control Center.

Lighting Control and Dimming Systems

Lighting control and dimming systems provide intelligent control of lights in a building with the aim of saving energy by energy saving devices and creating ambiance that suits different moods and tastes.

Tenant Billing Systems

Multi-tenant buildings require systems that charge each tenant separately based on his consumption of electricity, chilled water (HVAC), and fresh water. Tenant billing systems capture resource utilization data directly from meters installed in the tenant’s premise. The system generates bills automatically based on defined tariffs and may be configured to disconnect resources automatically if bills are not paid.

Energy Saving Systems

The growth in our electricity demand affects us economically and impacts the environment. Over half of the electricity is consumed by commercial buildings in heating, air-conditioning, and lighting. At Security Systems Co., we design and implement intelligent systems that control and reduce energy consumption by energy saving devices HVAC and lights based on the building occupancy.

Structured Cabling and Network Systems

Modern buildings require cabling solutions that allow for the convergence of systems in the building on a single IP backbone. With structured cabling systems, voice, data, video, security, lighting control, and building automation systems use a single cabling infrastructure and a single communication protocol (IP). With a single cabling structure, integration and convergence between different building systems is simplified leading to reduced ownership and operating cost.

Other Systems

  • Active Networks
  • Hotel Guest Room Management
  • Master Clock
  • IPTV And Central Antenna
  • Digital Signage
  • Public Address
  • Audio Visual And Smart Class Rooms

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